FERNIE (4;30 – 5;2) + ROSSLAND (5;2) + REVELSTOKE (5;2 – 7)

Good excuses

Kuijts residence

transportation: car


I tend to leave my belongings all over BC with friends due to the desire to have the lightest backpack possible. That does require retrieval trips but at the same times creates good excuses to spend some quality time with friends and how can that ever be wrong?

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REVELSTOKE (4; 2 – 30)

The end of things


transportation: car


Within this month multiple things came to an end I did not want to see ending.

The resort closed in mid-April, my Revy Adaptive Sports Program volunteering ended-saying farewell to a bunch of nice people, friends were leaving town and the rest of time I had left in Revy was a matter of counting days. I had gotten I job in Blue River with River Safari, a bear watching company that does boat and Jeep tours.

Revelstoke had become home and I was not happy to leave it.

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REVELSTOKE (2; 26 – 3; 31)



transportation: rideshare


Back home it kept snowing and I kept shovelling; a lot.

I would really like to fill this intro up a little more but there is not much too add, truth be told. Really all I did was  having loads of fun with my friends and improving my boarding skills.

Also, though, I had to realize that my two best friends were leaving Revy soon as they were planning on travelling east together. As a result we spend as much time as possible together and I am certain we made the most out of it.

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FERNIE (2;24-26)

Five Legendary Bowls

The Hopkins’s house

transportation: rideshare


The plan to go to Fernie and ski there again had been the plan all along. However, I had stalled that trip for quite a long time for several reasons – some of them being less lame than others. One of those reason had been me being afraid of my car not making it. I had been driving my car around with a happily and relentlessly glowing orange engine light for weeks now. It had not been my intention to push limits any further than I had already been doing.  I was proven right later since my car broke down shortly after indeed.

But there are other ways to bring a work and traveller to his destination of desire;

Spontaneous rideshares for instance.

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REVELSTOKE (11;8.16-2;24.17)

Livin‘ the ski bum life

Home-620 6th St E, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0

transportation: car (-me: NOW the engine light is on. -friend: well, fuck!; Trans-Can. Hwy 1)


If you wanna live a successful ski bum life it only takes three essential rules one has to follow:

Number one: work as little as possible

Number two: Ski as much as possible

Number three: party hard


It ain’t too hard, is it ?

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BANFF (11;6-8)

Been there, done that

HI Banff Alpine Center-801 Hidden Ridge Way, Banff, AB T1L 1B3

transportation: car (broken?)


I lose count on how many times I have been to Banff. I really do not mean to go there over and over again and see the same stuff but I end up there anyway.

This time though, there was a very significant- and the only- reason: Snowboard equipment!

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REVELSTOKE (10;27-11;6)

Heads up! Ski season is just around the corner

Samesun Revelstoke-400 2nd St W, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0

Home-620 6th St E, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0

transportation: car


I’ll be honest, writing a blog entry months later than the said time period took place does take a little effort and I hope I’ll  remember things right. I apologize, but living a ski bum life can be quite time consuming!

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KELOWNA (10;26-27)

Colourful fall!

Samesun Kelowna-245 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6C2

transportation: car

My friend had an job  interview in Kelowna which is why she needed to go there. Since it is way easier going by car than taking the Greyhound for her and I really liked Kelowna from my last visit, we decided to use our two days off from work for a quick trip.

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